The Wedding Jesus Planned, & Donald Trump Watched

“Donald Trump is watching.”

I couldn’t believe what I’d just heard.

Donald Trump? Really?!?

That was the last thing I had expected to hear at my wedding. 

Then again, my wedding was anything other than expected. Or traditional. Or believable. 

Probably because I let Jesus plan it. 

I used to dream about having a classy & fabulous David Tutera wedding. I loved how he focused on the intimate details that truly defined couples. No matter how many episodes of “My Fair Wedding” I watched, witnessing David turn each bride’s personal fairytale into a reality never got old. 

He orchestrated elaborate ceremonies in the ritziest of venues; many of the ceremony locations would be unavailable to a commoner…like me. 

But with THE David Tutera, and his money and his connections and his money, ANYTHING was possible. 
I wanted a David Tutera wedding!

But first, I needed to meet and fall in love with the man God wanted me to marry. 

This is not a cliché story about how I prayed for “THE ONE” and God answered my prayer (though that did happen, and life couldn’t be more amazing). We all see Facebook posts of “meant-to-bes” and “soulmates” and “third-times-a-charmers” everyday, and half the time, the couple ends up divorced within 10 years….often for the second or seventh time. 

I’ll spare you the opportunity to make bets on the longevity of our honeymoon stage…

But when I fell in love with Eddie, something I never considered would happen happened: I no longer had the desire to plan a “wedding” at all. 

Crazy, right?!

Even a David Tutera wedding seemed pointless and, forgive me, silly. Our story was so amazing, so unfathomable & whimsical, that the thought of having a “wedding” just like everybody else in the world actually disturbed me. 

After meeting online (I gave him a chance despite the fact that his account had been hacked & altered to say some creepy stuff that got him exiled from eHarmony – stuff only God could’ve led me to overlook) & dating for less than 2 months, Eddie moved from Georgia to Kentucky simply because he wanted to MARRY ME. My dark-haired, blue-eyed, 6’5″ walking checklist of an athletic fantasy man who loved Jesus AND fun pursued me in a humbling, unmatchable way that I never could’ve imagined or deserved. I was living every single girl’s dream! 

And to top it all off, we hadn’t even kissed yet! 

WE were literally a miracle. A living example of God’s love and awesomeness. Everywhere I went, I shared my excitement about how God just up and blessed me immeasurably with a perfect love, and in the strangest way! 


How in the world could we represent how thankful we were, & celebrate the unexpected, unconventional, unprecedented “US” by doing the expected, conventional, traditional wedding thing?

We couldn’t…

This is not a story about “US.” 
This is the story of how, on December 31st, 2015, Jesus planned our wedding – one that even David Tutera will never come close to topping. 

It was broadcasted to everyone in the world. 

And even Donald Trump was watching…

At least, that’s what Phil told us. 

Phil was the man that filmed our wedding. But before I get ahead of myself…

Where in the world could we get married on New Year’s Eve…at midnight?

Eddie and I could sense the stress our families were under after our short-notice wedding announcement. My Mom was in a passive panic the day before Christmas trying to find lodging somewhere… ANYWHERE… that would accommodate 30+ people AND pets on New Year’s Eve. Every pet-friendly facility between Brownsville and Georgia had booked up months before we had ever even met, let alone took the notion to get married on New Year’s Eve. 

Eddie’s family was physically out of the loop on most of the relationship progression & wedding plans. Since I’d only met his parents one time, and only had the chance to communicate with his sisters via Social Media, the whole idea of their baby boy & brother moving off to marry some Bachelor Season 19 contestant from the south was overwhelming, confusing, and even forlorn to them, despite the fact that they supported Eddie’s decision and were happy that he had FINALLY found a wife.  

We had one whole week to iron out the details. 

What type of cake do you want?

What do you mean you don’t want a cake?

You have to have a cake, Kara!

You don’t care?

What about napkins? And flowers?

You mean you don’t want flowers either??

Not even a bouquet?

What will the colors be?

Come on now! There HAS TO BE a theme!

How long will the reception last?

What??? You don’t want a reception?

It’s a WEDDING for crying out loud!

What do you expect people do after you say “I do?”

Eddie – You mean you’re just going to bolt after you FINALLY kiss???

This is ridiculous. 

You have to put at least SOME thought into this! 



I couldn’t handle it, even if I’d wanted to. 
The “wedding” was officially OFF. 

I wanted others – the world – to marvel at our limitless God just as we did. 
To not just HEAR about His power. 

But to SEE Him work wonders! 

Not us or our $…


So…we made the decision to elope. 

Secretly – in the sense that we weren’t going to tell anyone where we were going. 

Not even our parents…

“I now pronounce you Mr. & Mrs. Eddie Anderson. You may kiss your bride…”

On December 28th, Eddie and I were officially married by our pastor (Carson Howard). The official ceremony was witnessed only by Carson’s wife, my baby sister & her husband. 
Eddie leaned down and kissed me, but not on the lips! Not yet! He planted one on my cheek. 

Three more days til we REALLY get married. 
THEN – at midnight, somewhere in New York City – we will REALLY kiss for the very first time. 

I’ll be honest – I didn’t think I would “feel married” without saying our written vows (which we had yet to even write), let alone without kissing! I expected the official ceremony to be a box checked on the marriage “to do list.” Something that HAD to be done. 

And it did have to be done. 

It was then that I overwhelmingly realized that without God’s blessing on a marriage, a wedding is just a wedding. 

If it’s not His, it’s not real. 

And everything else – the flowers, the fellowship, the dancing…

It meant nothing. 

Our first ceremony was as sparse as one could have gotten. Brother Carson had never even ministered a wedding before! We were his first! 

But despite investing nothing monetary (intentionally), and despite the absence of our families and friends…

I very much so felt married. 

We WERE married…

Because Jesus said so!

We could’ve kissed right then. 

We could’ve said “Forget this plan to elope – we did it. Let’s just tell everyone we got married and be done with it!”

But I couldn’t do it… WE couldn’t!

God had given us His blessing on Dec. 28th. 

But on Dec. 31st, we wanted to bless Him in the most thankful & submissive way we felt was possible. 

“This is YOUR wedding, Jesus! Use it to show yourself! 

And what better place and time?

Than when the ball drops in New York City on New Year’s Eve?

“You need to g-g-get m-married at, at midnight? As in, uh, an hour and a half from now?”

John – the front desk man at the Conrad Hotel – was feeling pretty dumbfounded at 10:30pm on New Year’s Eve. 

“Yes. Ya see…Our plan fell through…”

Here we stood – in the lobby of not just any NYC 5-star hotel, but the one credited with the BEST rooftop view in the city. Eddie was looking all sexy in his Black Tux, and I already had on my white BCBG dress (that only cost $70, by the way). So, it was quite obvious that we were getting a bit desperate. We didn’t know what Jesus was up to, but for whatever reason, He gave us no apparent direction…
Sometimes, Jesus is everything BUT apparent, until the very end!

“We had a rooftop lined up, but it closes in 30 minutes. There is a game room at that condo, but who wants to get married in a game room?! I just don’t think that’s how The Lord wants to do this…”

We were pretty much too intimidated to bring up “The Conrad Hotel rooftop,” beings we had already witnessed several Armani-suit-wearing men get shot down. Even when they offered to pay more to reserve a spot. 
The rooftop tickets had sold out. 

And even if there had been tickets left, we certainly couldn’t have afforded them. 
There was simply no room for the likes of us on that roof…

So it seemed. 

“If there’s ANYTHING you could do, you’d save our wedding. Maybe there’s a nice room, even our hotel room… It has a pretty nice view! That could work?

But we are running out of time!

We HAVE to kiss for the first time at midnight after we say our vows! We just HAVE to!”
John believed us. 

And he wanted to make it happen – so much that he flagged down the head of security at the Conrad Hotel; shared with him our predicament, our story, our faith; and requested that we be allowed on THE ROOF. 
Excitedly, John returned & gave us our instructions. 

“At 11:40, meet me at those elevators over there. There will be a line, but I want you two to go to the front of it. Just tell them you’re with John, okay? And that you’re getting married at midnight on the roof, so you have to go up first to prepare!”

We stood in absolute disbelief. 

There was no way this was happening!

John didn’t mention buying a ticket. 

But those tickets cost hundreds of dollars!

Those tickets were sold out!

Many rich men had already reserved their spot. 

But WE were going to be escorted up BEFORE them all? 

For free?!

There was only one thing left that needed to be addressed for this perfect plan to work…

“So, John…have you ever officiated a wedding?”

(^ our wedding)

The hand of our Almighty God upon us was so obvious, and Awesome! It was one of those situations that people wouldn’t believe (that I wouldn’t believe) had it not been conducted AND witnessed by people who had no clue who we were. 

Just a few key details of our Contad Hotel Rooftop Wedding:
We livestreamed our wedding so that EVERYONE could share in The Joy Jesus had given us. 

The Conrad Hotel Staff cleared the way for us to go up before everyone else – even though they had all paid 100s of dollars!

God’s hand parts waters! 

John – the front desk guy who married us – admitted that he had been considering becoming an ordained minister. He was a blessing! And we pray God blessed him through the experience. 

On the roof with us was a newlywed couple, and an absolutely PRECIOUS Birthday Girl. The Birthday Girl thanked us for what she said was “the best birthday gift she could’ve gotten – to see true love unite in such a breathtaking way.” She was a blessing! And I want that picture!!!

The spot we got married in was literally considered the BEST view in NYC. The Statue of Liberty stood tall and mighty in the background, and fireworks celebrated with us at midnight. 

Unreal! What a blessing!
And NONE of it costed a single penny. 
That’s Jesus! In His element! When He is given control… ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. 

And finally…

There was Phil. 

Phil, the cameraman, was on the rooftop alone. And he happily agreed to film our wedding…Such a blessing!

But out of the blue, before we shared our midnight first kiss, Phil matter-of-factly notes (9:37 mark in video):

“Donald Trump is watching…” 

What does this mean?

Absolutely nothing. – as so was Eddie’s former baseball players in Georgia, his adorable nephews, my super-supportive co-workers, our families, acquaintances we hadn’t seen in years and hundreds of people we didn’t even know. Many had on PJs and watched from their couch! 

I didn’t get to dance with my Daddy after we said “I Do,” but the wedding did draw a tear from his eye according to Mom (which I’m sure making me bawl would’ve been his love-induced goal at the reception). 

Donald Trump may or not have been watching…like many others in the world. 

But Jesus – HE was THERE. 

HE planned it all! 

HE made the impossible a reality. 

Jesus gave us a Fairytale in the concrete jungle…where dreams are made. 
And He did it without a single cent. 

On Faith Alone

David Tutera could never do that. 

Donald Trump could never do that. 

The Devil could never do that…

As good as they all are at what they do, when Jesus plans a wedding, no one can match it. 

No one can predict it. 

No one can make it better. 

And no one can stop it…

All they can do… is watch. 

Defending the Faith: In Jude 1-16, Of Jude 17-25

Jude: the 25 verses God ordained to preface Revelations.  

2/3 a prophetic description of mankind’s moral decline as the last days unfold. 

1/3 a reminder that God’s people are called to remain faithful amidst perilous times.

When such malice as was displayed in Paris over the weekend makes headlines, we are reminded that our world is closer to becoming the one illustrated in Jude 1-16. And it’s all too instinctual to dwell on how “it’s only going to get worse.” It’s all too natural to react with hate – to blame mere people for the unspeakable evil that most wouldn’t even recognize if not for fire, smoke, blood and death. 

But evil was present before the flames were seen

Jude felt an urgency to encourage believers to “defend the faith.” 

He reminds us that multiple men had prophesied about Jude 1-16; the demise of mankind’s moral diligence isn’t a matter of “if” but of “when.” 

People will become disgusting. 

People will disrespect authority. 

People will boast of themselves. 

People will grumble & complain. 

People will bear no fruit.

People will deceive & manipulate to satisfy their carnal desires. 

People will deny Christ. 

BUT… That’s Jude 1-16

Other than making believers aware of the wretched state the world will inevitably reach, it has nothing to do with us. 

Yes, we will live IN Jude 1-16, but we “defend the faith” by being OF Jude 17-25. 

“BUT, beloved, remember ye the words which were spoken before of the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ; How that they told you there should be mockers in the last time, who should walk after their own ungodly lusts. These be they who separate themselves, sensual, having not the Spirit. BUT ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost, Keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life. And of some have compassion, making a difference: And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh. Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy, To the only wise God our Saviour, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen.”

‭‭Jude‬ ‭1:17-25‬ ‭KJV‬‬

Pray in The Spirit

Love like Jesus

Show Mercy & Compassion

Use Discernment in The Spirit 

This is how believers defend the faith. 

How we remain faithful

How we withstand

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.”

‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭6:12-13‬ ‭KJV‬‬

When we react to evil logically & emotionally & physically, we aren’t defending the faith, we are denying it. 

Defending the faith means knowing Jesus has already overcome Jude 1-16. We win. 

And we show it by being IN Jude 1-16, but OF Jude 17-25. 

Bachelor Believers: Two Teardrops


God moves in each of our lives differently, and during a variety of ups and downs.

One of life’s greatest mysteries is life itself.

And so is death.

There is a song by Steve Wariner called “Two Teardrops” that I feel appropriately represents this particular Bachelor Believers post. Especially the last verse and chorus:

Last night I sat in the waiting room
A nurse walked in and gave me the news
“It’s a baby girl and they’re both fine.”
An old man sitting not ten feet away
Just lost his wife and he said to me
“You’ve got a brand new angel and I’ve lost mine.
I guess the good Lord giveth and the good Lord taken away.”
We both wiped a teardrop from our face.

Oh the ocean’s a little bit bigger tonight
Two more teardrops somebody cried
One of them happy and one of them bluer than blue.
The tide goes out and the tide comes in
A whole new circle of life begins
Where tears are part of the pleasure and part of the pain
Till they drift on down and ride to the sea again…

Rebecca Buchanan shares an honest testimony about the loss of a friend, who was newly a parent…and about what she gained spiritually from the loss.


There are so many stories I can share about times God has really moved in my life. As I sit here writing this, I have just learned that one of my best friends lost his battle with cancer.

He was the kind of guy who always looked at the bright side of every situation, loved God with his whole heart, and trusted HIS plan!

Sasha welcomed his first baby into the world in August, and less than a year later was taken from us to be with God.

As a human, I can’t help but feel that it’s not fair that his son has to grow up without his dad.

We aren’t meant to understand why these things happen. God doesn’t call us to understand His reason for things, but to have faith like a child. To trust Him.

2 Corinthians 4:18
“So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”

I am devastated at the loss of such a dear friend, but I am also encouraged and reminded to live my life for Christ. Not to wait until God is ready for me to leave this world to try to get my affairs in order, but to be ready when God calls me home.

I want to live a life that God would be proud of. Because we don’t know when our time to go will be.

When life gets busy, I tend to spend less time with God in The Word than I do checking my Instagram.

But my friend’s death, in a bittersweet way, has reminded me what’s truly important in life; unfailingly faith in God, having Gods word in and on my heart, love with my whole heart, be present and genuine in all my relationships and show others Christ’s love.

John 3:16
“For this is how God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.”

I personally believe that, sometimes, one person may die so that others (possibly many) may live. To, as Rebecca said, remind those around them the importance of making the most of the time allotted on this Earth.

Nothing is more important than our relationship with Jesus…and death has a way of reminding us of that.

This next Bachelor Family member also shares a testimony about death and new life…except from the point of view of a mother dealing with the loss of a child, as well as the fears of journeying into motherhood once more after this loss.


My Rainbow After the Storm
~ Raichel Goodyear-Suarez

When Daniel and I got married, we were so excited to start our little family! We went on our honeymoon shortly after the wedding. When we got back, we realized fairly soon that I was pregnant!

This was amazing and unexpected news. We were so overjoyed. When I went in for a checkup at what I assumed the baby to be around 7 weeks or so, we were given terrible news…

No heartbeat.

We ran tests and made extra certain that this was indeed the case, but to our devastation, our little angel did not fully develop.

I was heartbroken.

I experienced self-blame, anger, sadness… and I just couldn’t understand how “God could do this to me”.

We do that sometimes… We blame God.

After I grieved and came out of the fog of the heartbreaking situation, I realized God is my Almighty Father, and He knows what is best for our life.

There is also the factor of sin in the world. And sadly, bad things happen to both good people and bad people. Things are sometimes out of our control…

But we accept that God is on our side, and if we are living for Him.
He truly does work all things for good (Romans 8:28).

The doctor told me my body would just pass the baby on it’s own – naturally – and we didn’t need to do anything else.

Well, my body read pregnant on a blood test for about 8 months thereafter. At about 9 months, my body finally decided to “pass the baby.” This caused me to relive the sadness and grief, but I knew I had hope in the Lord’s plan.

His time, not mine.

A month later, we conceived! I knew the moment it happened that I was pregnant. As soon as I was able to check, I read pregnant on the test! We were completely beside ourselves with joy and we were so excited to finally be parents!

In hindsight, we realized that we had grown so much as a couple in the past 9 months, and we really got to have some incredible experiences that would’ve been much different had we already had a child.

We knew that NOW we were truly ready 🙂

All the tests came back great! The baby was healthy and we were on track!

My pregnancy was a breeze. I had little to no sickness, minimal weight gain, I worked up until my due date… I felt great!

However, towards the end, all of my anxieties kicked in at once. I was absolutely TERRIFIED of the epidural! I did not want to feel numb and helpless, or feel like I was out of control of my body.

I was so scared of the pain… the unknown.

I could not stop panicking, and was overly-fearful for the last month or so. It was really hard to handle.

I kept praying for peace and tried to just trust in Him. It was the only way I knew to cope.

Then my due date passed…

A day, 3 days, a week… and finally almost 2 weeks had passed!

Now, I REALLY started to panic. Friends were telling me stories of still births, and others were insisting that this wasn’t normal… etc etc.

All the while, my doctor told me my baby was perfectly healthy and thriving. Not to worry!

But I couldn’t help but worry…

Why isn’t he here yet?

I kept thinking this every second of every day until… It was time to induce!

One of my worst fears! I had always wanted a natural labor!

We went in to the hospital and started the induction process. I will spare you all of the details, but I will sum it up by saying:

Everything I did NOT want… It ALL happened ! Haha!

It was almost comical how opposite of my plan the birth had gone.

At the end of a rigorous and tiring 44 hours, my doctor came in and said.. “He just doesn’t want to come out. We are going to do a c-section…”

Of all the things.. I never EVER imagined my labor going like this.

By this time, I couldn’t even feel my body I was so dosed up on the epidural… & I was fighting against my fears the entire time. It was exhausting. I just kept praying and trusting in God that He knew the plan, and that it was in His hands.

They got me prepped and started to roll me in for the dreaded c-section. I literally thought I was going to die. Yes, I’m a bit of a worrier! haha 🙂 Maybe you can relate.

To my amazement, the procedure was done in a flash! Before I knew it, they were sewing me up, and I could hear my beautiful baby boy cry!

I went from feeling like I was in HELL to being surrounded by so much love and excitement. I was overcome with pure joy and had such a rush of accomplishment and pride.

I was a mommy! And here he is my precious son… God’s perfect gift!

My rainbow after the storm.

I will never forget our baby that passed, and I will always remember the sadness…

But in the midst of the rain, He brought us the sunshine and filled our life with this perfect rainbow.

Greyson Porter Suarez was born on January 3rd, 2015. We are madly in love with him and so grateful for Gods gift of life.

We have a tendency to try and dictate our lives, to plan, & to expect or think we know what’s best or right. I have learned though this journey of love and loss that it is better to let go and let God!

It is better to trust in His all-knowing and powerful plan! I had in my mind every which way I wanted and needed for things to play out. In the end, He had a much different plan.

Through this journey, I overcame so many of my anxiety issues. I learned that I am not always going to be in control, and that is absolutely ok!

I learned that things aren’t always going to go as planned, and sometimes by having to go down another path, you see things you would’ve never noticed or appreciated before.

I thank Jesus that He had me in the palm of His hand the entire time.

Through loss and heartbreak.
Through new life.
Through pregnancy.
Through a lengthy labor and delivery.
And now…through this life together as a family – living for Christ!

I still struggle with fears or worry sometimes, but I always remember this:

If He brings me TO it, He will bring me THROUGH it!

I love my Jesus! He has never forsaken me. I have given my life to Him. I have repented of my sins, and I cannot wait to be with him one day.

Until then, I will aim to enjoy every moment I have with my family and friends – because they are blessings straight from Him.

I could’ve never gotten though anything in my life without Christ, and I would never ever want to.

God bless you.
Raichel Goodyear-Suarez
Greyson’s Mommy ❤️

What I find most amazing about this post is that neither lady knew what the other submitted. They had no idea.

But MY God has a way of syncing spirits and thoughts that often blows my mind! As it has today.

If you have a friend or relative who is dealing with such loss as has been shared in this post, please share these testimonies with them! Sometimes, just knowing that “you are not alone” in a struggle makes all the difference.

God bless each and every one of you! And keep checking back for the next Bachelor Believers post. I’m not sure what God will have in store for the next one, but if He aligns hearts and minds again as was done for this post, I know it will be a blessing!

There’s Nothing Better than There


I had successfully sniffed out the meanest boy in DZ: Discovery Zone. And I had successfully lured him into the colorful pit of plastic balls. I was a 7-yr.-old tomboy itching to start a ball battle, & in my mind, meaner meant funner.

But I couldn’t have been more wronger.

One after another, the mean boy hurled the balls at my chubby face. And to my surprise, they really hurt!

To escape the hits, I’d burry myself by sinking to the bottom of the pit, but the mean boy would stomp on my legs until I’d raise my head enough for him to continue his rapid fire.

The last thing I wanted to do was be a sissy and cry for Daddy, but my cheeks were swollen with the sting of humiliation, and every part of my face had been pelted by plastic balls.

I couldn’t help it.
I began to cry.

Before a tear could make it from my eyes to my busted lip, my Dad was there.

All 6’8″ of him.

That mean boy didn’t seem all that tough when Dad picked up a plastic ball…

“My turn, big boy.”

Then, there was the very first time my mind went blank during a song at a live Jamboree show.

After dancing around clueless while the band played at least three intro leads, I ran backstage to ask Mom how “Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me” began; I was confronted by a very irate, gray-haired man.

“What the h#%$ are you doing? Do you realize that you just ruined tonight’s show by running off the stage like that?”

“She’s 8, for crying out loud!” My Mom tried to explain. “She’s never forgotten words before. She didn’t know what to do.”

When the mean, gray-haired man began to scream even meaner things, I couldn’t help it.
I began to cry.

But my Dad was there

In the middle of an improvised version of The Orange Blossom Special, the crowd gasped as my 6’8″ Dad jumped onstage from the audience and proceeded backstage. Where we were.

The mean man didn’t seem so tough when Dad grabbed him with his King Kong hands and lifted him up by the collar of his shirt.

“You said what you wanted to say. Now it’s my turn, big boy.”

Dad was there at the door to greet my first high school suitor – who just so happened to be the senior quarterback.

He was just coming over to watch a movie, but Dad had a pre-viewing agenda.

He took the senior boy to the garage and picked up a push broom.

“See this broom handle? You remember this handle when the thought of touching my daughter crosses your mind. Otherwise, it’ll be my turn to stick somethin’ where it don’t belong, big boy.”

The senior boy got back with his ex the next day. I guess her Daddy didn’t have a broom…

“There” is an under-appreciated state these days. Technology and social media give the illusion of others being “there,” but a text can’t replace “there.” A call or a card can’t replace “there.” Words, FaceTime, likes, tags, comments… none compare to “there.”

When I recollect these little moments in life, I’m so thankful that my Dad was there.

We use so many endearing adjectives to describe our fathers – especially on Father’s Day.

Unfortunately, however, not many can look back on every birthday party, every surgery, every ballgame, every pageant, every dance recital, every first day of school, every holiday…every milestone & seemingly-insignificant moment and say:

“My Dad was there.”

But by the grace of God above… I can.

“My Dad is always there.”

What Exactly DO You Want?


When I gave my life completely to Jesus, I had a revelation – one which I believe is shared by most true, born again rebels. And it was this:

I suck at life.

Everything I’ve been doing is horrible.
Every decision I’ve made has been the wrong one.
Everything I’ve desired has been the last thing I should ever want.

Oh Jesus! I’m a mess!

I went from always seeking my will in life to throwing up my hands & saying, “Forget what I want, Lord! All I want from this point on is what You want for me! And I don’t even care what that is!”


Now…at that particular point in my walk with God, I was praying exactly what I needed to be praying. I needed to be mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and even physically transformed.

“And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” (Romans 12:2 KJV)

I had to detox! Renewing my mind meant allowing God to filter out everything in my life I didn’t need and replace the yucky uglies with good, acceptable, perfect will stuff…whatever in the world that was!

I had no clue what I really needed! But I knew He knew.

For the longest time, I didn’t trust myself to pray for, like, anything. At all.

So I just moseyed around praying for God’s prefect will (gotta throw that “perfect” in there) every second of every minute of every day.

I’ll admit…it got a bit ridiculous.

When someone would ask me, “So, Kara, what is it you want?”

My response was: “God’s perfect will.”

“Where do you see yourself in 5, 10…20 years?”

“Oh, you know, wherever God wants me in His perfect will and stuff…”

“What’s your favorite season?”

“Whatever God’s favorite perfect will season is.”

“Would you like fries with that?”

“If God wills perfectly for me to have fries, maybe? Yes? No? Hold on a moment while I pray about that.”

Amen?!? 😬

Here’s a question I’ll never forget from the night I went home without a rose:

“Do you WANT to go home?”

I remember wondering how I should respond…because truthfully, I didn’t really know what I wanted…because I didn’t think I was there for “me.” I know it wasn’t pathetic, but it feels pathetic upon reflection to say that I had absolutely no other desire apart from doing what God wanted me to do.

So, I went with the ole, generic, God’s will answer.

“If it’s God’s will for me to stay, I’ll stay. And if it’s God’s will for me to go home, I’ll go home.”

When the producer said, “That sounds sorta like a cop out,” I was offended… But it turns out the producer was sorta right.

I would love to say God appreciated my extreme devotion… except I now feel like even He may have been a bit annoyed by it.

Because though I was devoted, I realize now that I was just as fearful as I was committed. I didn’t think I could be in God’s perfect will and still have a personal desire in my heart. I assumed God would work it all out, and I’d end up wanting what He gave me.

It never occurred to me that Psalm 37:4 was literal, & receiving was actually supposed to be the other way around sometimes. That God would give me what my heart desired, if I’d simply allow it to yearn a bit.

The time I spent allowing God to change my heart was necessary. But now it’s time to stop praying the generic “God’s will” prayer. It’s time to allow my heart to desire again!

And I want to encourage you to do the same if you can relate to me, today!

Don’t be afraid to pray for the job you want! If God knows there’s a better one out there, & He’s gonna give ya the better one anyway BECAUSE He knows your heart. And He wants you to be happy!

Don’t be afraid to pray for what you want in a spouse for fear that you’re praying for something you don’t need. If ya don’t need it, God ain’t gonna give it to you BECAUSE He knows your heart. And He ain’t gonna expect you to spend forever with someone that you “need” but don’t “want.”

And how can one really say he/she knows what he/she “needs”, anyway? One can’t! But THE ONE can!

Go ahead and pray for a successful, attractive, fun-loving spouse!
Pray for a tall man!
Pray for a voluptuous woman!
Pray for butterflies and passion and excitement!
Pray for a promotion or to make more money!
Pray for your kids to be smart and talented!
Pray to win the game!

It’s okay to want all of those things!
And it’s okay to pray for them, too.
If it’s not what you need, and your heart desires His will ABOVE what you want, praying for all the above is not in vain whether you receive your prayer or not…it shows God that you believe in His promises. That you turn to Him not only for the things you need, but also for the things you want.

So reflect on this question:

What do you really WANT?

The next time I’m asked that question…I will be prepared to confidently answer it a bit differently.

And I hope you will, too!

Be blessed in the name of Jesus!

And be looking for the next Bachelor Believers post!

Bachelor Believers: Favorite Scriptures #2


Today’s post is truly blessed with fabulous spiritual insight from MORE Bachelors and Bachelorettes – representing an array of seasons and roles. To segue into all the wonderful scriptures and testimonies you’ll be reading today, I wanted to share mine first, as I feel it appropriately exemplifies a common ground on which all Bachelor Believers stand at one point in time or another.

I feel we are (understandably) misunderstood.

If you followed this blog back when Chris’s Season (19) as The Bachelor began, then you know that my personal motive for being a contestant was to…as crazy as it sounds…evangelize. To use this highly-popular, national TV show that captures the interest of millions of believers and non believers alike every Monday as a platform to spread The Gospel, and to encourage Christian fans to do so as well.

It seemed obvious to me that this was God’s perfect plan. It never crossed my mind that my efforts would be rejected, let alone despised and even reprimanded by His followers . I figured it would be as obvious to His people as it was to me.

But I was wrong.

As it turns out, God can do anything…He can use David the lusty murderer, Rahab the Harlot and Jonah the coward…but He evidently can’t use Bachelor contestants. Why in the world would He ever do that?

One day, when I was all flustered and ready to give up on the Bachelor-related vision God had given me, I was reading Galatians, and THIS coupling of scriptures ignited my spirit once more:

“Ye did run well; who did hinder you that ye should not obey the truth? This persuasion cometh not of him that calleth you.”
Gal. 5:7-8


Who’s stopping me from doing what I’ve been called to do?

Certainly NOT God! He’s the one who gave me this platform!

So then I got to thinkin…

“Ya know what? There’s no way I’m alone in this! I know there are other Bachelor Believers out there with a heart to serve Christ and do His work! I bet they feel the same way at times! I bet they’d love to use their role as a Bachelor contestant to spread faith, hope and love! To spread Jesus!”

I was right 🙂

Who is stopping US?

Certainly NOT God!


Thus, two weeks ago, the first Bachelor Believers post was launched. You can read testimonies from Shawntel (Newton) Poidmore, Raichel Goodyear-Suarez, Monica Murray (Spannbauer), Joshua Albers & Josh Seiter at this link:

And without further adieu, here are this week’s Bachelor Believer life verse testimonies! It’s neat to see how so many of us are blessed by the same verses. It just goes to show that even a single scripture can impact a multitude of people. That’s how powerful The Word is!

Be blessed and enjoy!


Rebecca Buchanan
The Bachelor – Season 15

Proverbs 3:5-6
“Trust in the lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.”

I’ve been through a lot of really hard times in my life. I find that when I’m faced with a tough decision that I rely on this verse to help me through it.

We don’t always understand why we are faced with certain challenges in life, why God allows bad things to happen to good people. It’s good to remember that it may not be part of our plan for our life, but it was part of Gods plan. He sees the whole picture!


Desiree (Hartsock) Siegfried
Season 9 Bachelorette
Designer of Wedding Dresses + Jewelry // Blogger

Jeremiah 29:11
“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord, ” plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

This verse, along with a few others, has been there for me through so many moments of my life and why I consider it my favorite. During some of the most toughest challenges in my life, I would turn to this verse for hope and encouragement to get me through. You can find more of my story of why hope and faith have been so important to me here:

I do hope to reach others by what I have experienced with my own faith and trusting in Him to guide me through this life!


Diogo Custodio
The Bachelorette – Season 9

It was tough to give you guys just one Scripture… I have a long list of favorites…

This is the first that came up in my mind:

Isaiah 40:31 NLT
“But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength.
They will soar high on wings like eagles.
They will run and not grow weary.
They will walk and not faint.”

I was so poor in Brazil when I was a child. My family and I went through very rough times, where we had no food or shelter. It is painful thinking of the past, a past I don’t wish for anyone.

It was so hard growing up that way. I know how much hunger hurts. I know how painful bullying is. I know what it is like to feel anguish and cry of sadness…

But what I also know is that FAITH can move mountains, indeed. I know the power of Prayer, and I know that God is a super powerful God. Jesus is strong and alive, ready to rescue us from that pit of sadness and desperation. We only need to trust Him and give Him our hearts.

After having been through so much in life, I am now living a dream in California with a solid, educational background and career. My life turned upside down when I decided to give it all to Jesus. The only thing I had to do was to trust God and His timing. This is now all beyond all I have desired. And I know there are so many more blessings in store for me! (Like a beautiful wife and kids to make happy!)

My testimony is filled with great God’s stories, amazing miracles, social cause… and I would love to share them with you! Hit me up on twitter if you ever need a friend to talk about God and hope with. Never give up, and trust God! Give it all to Jesus!
He is there for you! 🙂

Twitter: @DiogoCustodio


Will Reese
The Bachelorette – Season 9
“World Wanderer”

James 1:4
“Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.”

I learned this verse while I was a basketball counselor at a Christian Basketball Camp while in college. Oftentimes as Christians, we’re confronted with challenges that test our spiritual strength.

This scripture reminds me to focus on perservering through these “opportunities for growth” which in turn will leave me more mature in Christ!


Michael Garofola
The Bachelorette – Season 9

Like Joshua (from the last post), I also really appreciate Proverbs 3:5-6 (as does Rebecca & Trina from this post), but Jeremiah’s Letter to the Exiles (Jeremiah 29:11) provides a similar message and has resonated with me for quite some time:

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Bachelor Believers


Bachelor Nation is big, and it gets bigger with each new season…but long before we (Bachelors/Bachelorettes) were cast into the Bachelor Family, many of us were born into something bigger. And better. Something eternal and perfect, where love is unconditional, and everyone gets a rose.

Many of us have been born into the body of Christ.

Every believer has that one scripture that he/she turns to as a reminder of God’s grace, mercy, and promises to His children. And in this post, some of your favorite members of the Bachelor Family (past and present, contestants and fans) have volunteered to share theirs in an effort to spread a little faith, hope and love through Christ’s Word.

Shawntel (Newton) Poidmore
The Bachelor – Season 15

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to The Lord.”
– Philippians 4:6

This Bible verse had been very special to me for many years now.

I can be a very anxious person sometimes. I tend to try and “fix” all my worldly problems on my own (don’t we all). I allow my stress to take over and affect my attitude, relationships and prayer time.

Phil. 4:6 is the perfect reminder for us to not allow worldly stressors to take control. God is in control!!! We need to catch ourselves before we get too anxious and immediately start praying. God can handle anything, and He knows what’s best for us!

Raichel Goodyear-Suarez
The Bachelor – Season 15

Manager/Supervisor at Family Business

My favorite verse is
Isaiah 26:3-4

“You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you. Because he trusts in you.
Trust in the lord forever for the lord God is an everlasting rock.”

I love his verse because I tend to battle sometimes with doubts/ “what ifs” and anxiety. This reminds me to keep my mind and eyes on Him and to trust in Him.

I do not know where I’d be or who is be without Jesus but I know it wouldn’t be somewhere or someone good.

I rely on the lord every single day and I am so excited to raise my newborn to know that Jesus is lord and He died for us and so we love for Him!!

Monica Murray (Spannbauer)
Season 16 – The Bachelor (Ben Flanik)
Occupation/Business: National Speaker/Consultant and Author

Psalms 46:10
“Be still, and know that I am God…”

This scripture inspires me because…so many times I forget that there is someone out there watching over me. When life seems to crumble around me or the stress meter spikes…I have to remind myself to “let it go”, like in the Frozen way 😉

Being “still” is a very difficult thing for someone with passion, drive, and independence. This verse reminds me to take a deep breath and just be still. Don’t act, definitely don’t react, and know that some things are just out of your control. The only thing to do in situations like this is be STILL.

Joshua Albers
Season 11 – The Bachelorette
Industrial Welder

“Believe in him with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Trust in him and he will make your path straight.
Proverbs 3:5-6

This is my Mom’s “go to” verse ever since she got sick and was going through treatments (Hodgkins Lymphoma).
It began helping me as well.

Josh Seiter
The Bachelorette – Season 11
Chicago, IL
Professional Dancer

My favorite scripture is:

“Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil…” (Psalms 23:4)

It just speaks to the trials and tribulations I’ve encountered in my life and provides a semblance of peace when I’m going through these struggles.

Emily Coffelt Evans
Bachelor Superfan

My favorite scripture is:

“He has made everything beautiful in its time.”
– Ecclesiastes 3:11

It’s my favorite because I can relate to it an insane amount.

I mean, I’ve been through some horrible things… but EVERY TIME when I need it the most, the most magical and PERFECT thing happens to make me smile the biggest smile EVER & everything seams perfect in the world, it NEVER fails!!!!

I’m living proof that every time there’s bad,there’s Always SO much more good!!!!

Many times I want to give up or feel like why do I have to live this horrible life of all people?! But when I read this I realize This will soon be over & I can choose to accept that it will not last forever.

I choose happiness & always turn to this when I need a reminder that this will soon be over & the most wonderful thing is on the way!!!

Never ever EVER give up no better how ridiculously hard things get. TRUST ME I know!!!!

Sarah Elayne Willoughby
Bachelor Superfan

My favorite scripture is:

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”
– Philippians 4:13

It helps me to know I can handle it with my nieces and nephew picks on me.

I’ve been so blessed by reading these testimonies! Thanks to everyone who felt led to share your heart and your faith.

After all…that is what our journey is all about, right? Taking any opportunity God gives us and using it to build His Kingdom. His Nation.

Just think of the impact Bachelor Nation could have on this world if all it’s members decided to join hands and build it together…

We would love it if you’d leave your life-verse and testimony in a comment! A little inspiration goes a long way!

Hoping to have more Bachelor Believer posts in the future!

Until then… Be blessed in the Name of Jesus!